4 Ways To Feel The Fear And Fail Well

4 Ways To Feel The Fear And Fail Well

Failing has always been deemed as a bad thing. It's something that most people will almost always avoid. But here's the thing, failing should be celebrated. Yes, you heard me correctly! It is a joy to fail. Why, I hear you ask?! Because, without failure we cannot grow and develop. Without failure we can't move forward in our life, and whilst many others are progressing in theirs, some of us feel as though we are left behind, feeling stagnant and as though we're stuck in a rut.

There ARE no failures, just lessons. It's fear itself that we're most afraid of. Fear robs us of the freedom to spiritually grow and develop.

One thing I do know, from my own experiences, is that things are quite often not as scary as you initially imagine they are. Whenever I manage to venture out of my comfort zone, I can see a million disasters awaiting me. But once I step into my fears and try something new, I somehow feel a strength arise in me. Things start to unfold in a lighter way, and certainly not as I thought they would! And, weirdly, I begin to feel a sense of excitement about what COULD happen, what I might actually learn about myself and how I might, just might, come out of the other side of fear and enjoy this new and improved version of me!

Here are a few simple ways, that I find useful, in approaching fear and failure from a more positive angle:

Change the way you look at things

We are inherently programmed to seek out the negatives, as this is what keeps us safe. But we can override this program and create new thought patterns that are more positive and productive for us. Try to look at things from a different angle.

Sometimes we see what we want to see, based on our past experiences and personal prejudices, but if we step outside of ourselves for a moment and try to look at things through a different lens, then we can get an unbiased perspective that could potentially serve us better. 

Go into it with an open mind

Be willing to listen to, consider, and accept new and different ideas and opinions to the ones that you currently have. Deliberately seek them out. Having an open mindset is extremely beneficial for personal growth and development. You may even discover a new and better way of doing things, just by exploring new concepts.

Just like a child who is curious about the world and how it works, you can embody that childlike quality to bring new opportunities and visions into YOUR world.

Try something in a different way, make new connections and learn from others, and purposefully take action to gain knowledge and understanding. There is so much diversity in the world, that we can embrace broader perspectives and open ourselves up to greater fulfilment.

Lower your expectations

Why should we always be looking for superficial or materialistic validation and rewards for the things we do? Why shouldn't we just do things for the sheer hell of it?! For our own pleasure and enjoyment. 

Don't expect anything terrible or even anything wonderful to happen as a result of facing your fears. Lower your expectations and just go for it.

Be purposeful with your actions

When you go into something scary, something that fills you with dread, yet you still want to face it, then go into it on purpose. Be meaningful with your actions. Force your way into your fears, embrace the challenges that will almost always present themselves, and welcome failure (or as I'd like to call it, lessons) as your friend. Observe, take note of, and feel everything that you are experiencing.

You may want to journal your discoveries. This is your journey of personal development, and journaling is a very therapeutic way of finding out more about the process you're going through. What works for you? What doesn't? What can you do differently? What will help you to feel better about this process?



Give yourself the guts to learn from your failures, to persevere for your betterment, and to challenge yourself. Through adversity we grow. All who succeed, navigate failure.

Let's take a deeper dive into a world of new thinking and positive belief systems. Steer your life on to a journey of enlightened endeavours. You just might surprise yourself!

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