How To Live A Colourful Life

How To Live A Colourful Life

Life is colourful, if you only stop and really look. Every season has its beauty. Everything looks vibrant and fresh when you take a new perspective.

Right at this moment, I'm sitting in my garden. It's a beautiful morning, with a slight cooling breeze. The sun is starting to poke through the trees, and as I laze in my swing chair, gazing up at the sparse clouds in the bright blue sky, whilst feeling the soft blades of grass brushing delicately along my toes, I feel extreme serenity and peace.

This is a moment of pure reflection. Embracing life as I see and feel it, cherishing what it means to be truly alive.

The colours I see are so vivid. The different shades of green in the trees, the grass, and the bushes, the lightest blue sky, the fresh pine coloured fences, the most striking and darkest chocolate brown soil against the most colourful flowers in the bedding borders around the garden. It's like I'm looking at a freshly painted piece of art. My eyes are wide open and I'm taking a mental snapshot of every single aspect of this amazing day.

There must be three or four different types of birds I'm currently listening to, each of them singing different songs, yet they all seem to be in harmony with each other. What a beautiful sound. A birdsong choir. My dog is laying by my feet and he appears to be taking in his surroundings in the same way I am. Blissfully scanning every detail, he seems to be soaking up the sweet atmosphere.

Live your life in colour. Feel alive and embrace the beauty in the every day. Recognise the vibrancy of life. Take a moment to stop exactly where you are and to look around you. What do you see? What do you feel? Take it all in.

Here are a few simple steps you can follow that can help you to live a more spirited life, in colour:

Start Outdoors

Get outside first thing in the morning. Whether you live in a house, flat, camper van, or canal boat, you can always start your day with the outdoors. Grab your first cuppa of the day and take it outside; on the balcony, in the garden, on the doorstep, by an open window. Whatever you can do to get the air on your skin and the sun on your face, even if all you can spare is 5 minutes, is the first important step to starting your day fresh and well. 

Make sure to absorb all that surrounds you. Look at everything with fresh eyes and cherish the stillness of everything before your day begins.

Travel In Positivity

Whether you're commuting to work, taking the kids to school, travelling to a place of study or having a day out with friends, take the opportunity to do it in a positive way. Listen to the music that makes you feel good on your commute, get the kids to spot colourful and interesting things that you can talk about with them on the way to school, and as you're travelling to your place of study or enjoying your day out with friends, find new things you may have missed before, because you weren't really looking, and see the true beauty in all of those new things.

Sometimes, taking a different path on your travels can also help you to really open up your eyes and to feel more with your heart.

Take 5 For A Mood Boost

At any point in your day, especially if things are getting on top of you and everything seems to be manically passing you by in a mad rush, force yourself to take a breather for 5 minutes. It's important to give yourself a little time in the middle of your day to recharge, refocus and recalibrate. And I don't mean just going for a toilet break!

Take yourself back outdoors for a short while, and take a few deep and meaningful breaths, paying close attention to the fresh air that you are filling your lungs with. And before you step back indoors, take one more look around and try to capture the essence of life in the here and now. Look, hear, feel and smell the world and fill your senses with the wonder of it all.

Check In With Your Loved Ones

Don't forget that those around you are having their own experiences too. Be interested enough to check in with your loved ones and see how their day has been. This is a great way to being mindful and present, appreciating everything you have and all that you are. Sharing your experiences together adds another splash of colour to your life's canvas.

Revisit A Pastime

Sometimes life gets busy and the first thing that gets forgotten or put to the side is a hobby or a pastime that you used to enjoy. Your happy place and free space to unwind and have fun with gets thrown to the bottom of the endless pile of chaos that can sometimes engulf you. But it's when the madness happens that it's important to have that time to yourself to do the things that you love, because that is the very vibrancy that makes up who you are, that centres you and makes you whole again.

Try to make some time for yourself. Do more of the things you love to do. Let those things fill you with happiness and energy. Fill your internal cup with colour and vitality.

Reflect On Your Day

Before you go to bed, spend a few minutes thinking back on your day. What went well? What goodness did you take from the day? What inspired you? What made your heart feel warm? Think of three things you were grateful for in your day, however big or small, and sit with those positive feelings, just for a moment.

If it helps, you may want to keep a log of your experiences, so journaling may be a good exercise for you to do every night before you go to sleep. I know that this helps me a great deal, and I find that I sleep better at night when my mind is comfortable and happy with feelings and thoughts of gratitude.


Remember that each day that arrives is anew, ready for you to mix together the many different hues, tones and shades of your life's journey. Even on the not so good days, there's a dash of colour somewhere...if you only look for it.

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